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Mr ‘Shabby Chic’… – Nick Garrett, the man behind the look: My DESIGNERS GUILD + Country Painted Commissions

Contract:  Designers Guild UK – working in colour 1986- 1998

Tricia Guild CEO of DG UK casting her eye over the selection of salads in the HO staff canteen.  My tables and benches were commissioned to add a sense of passion to the room and dull Wormood urban backdrop.


Designers Guild – 10 years of paradise Driftwood colours!

Contemporary feel with heavy rustic crazed finishes for Designers Guild book ‘In Town’.

I loved making this collection which ran for 9 years.




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 Nick Garrett contemporary painted furniture Designers Guild 


Cracking and distressing the paint became an obsession.  Yet the materials I discovered that worked best were traditional gum Arabic and plaster based paints.  These were strapped down with fine damar varnish

with a hint of colour to enhance the final bees waxed patina.  The result a powerful fore-runner

of shabby chic!


Swashes and swirls of my Santa Fe group.


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