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NGS for Traditional Hand Painted Signs, Murals and Artworks – All London and  UK



NGS London’s dedicated sign writing service

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Welcome to NGS

Born and raised in London, I graduated as portrait painter from Camberwell School of art with first prize.

I immediately started making quality hand painted sign writing from 1981-1999, offering a complete bespoke professional service for large-scale or small projects. Between 1991 and 2011 I continued a successful graphic and product design career.

Now I have a fantastic creative team under my wing.  Signwriting is set to become the main form of retail lettering once again as it enjoys a revival under the tutelage of myself and other leading writers across the UK.

NGS create some of the best sign solutions – we go the extra mile and some.  I hope you like the work displayed here.

As part of my service, I am happy to offer you advice on logo, sign design, colours and layout.  


NGS for Traditional Hand Painted Signs, Murals and Artworks – All London and UK

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