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April 27, 2012

London Signwriter - Nick Garrett NGS

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The Usual Business!

Welcome all!  This is going to be a big fun learning curve… training the next generation of signmasters.  

Next Course Booking

18 places9 left   –  5 left  –  3 left

ONE PLACE LEFT   Contact Nick  07960113799

Nick Garrett delivers the skills

Fantastic course would definitely recommend it… covered a lot over the course of the 2 days from techniques to the best materials to use. Great creative atmosphere and good insight to sign painting.   

Cool Vibes at NGS sign training!!

Quality learning – value, concise and focused training delivered in a way that makes sense … and works.  You’ll walk out of here and you’ll be able to make real headway as a sign painter.

This course is delivered using the method featured in the forthcoming Laurence King publication ”The Art of Sign Painting” – by Nick Garrett.


How to Paint Letters - NGS 001

Clear format techniques and learning sheets deliver an easy to grasp, precise methodology.

Step by Step practice tutorials.

B stroke play 72

Hi this blog is all about solutions in design, for design, via design… enjoy and leave a cool comment or two

Nick Garrett

Contact me directly

NGS Unit 205 Regent House Business Centre, 291 Kirkdale, London SE26 4QD

 NGS Video capture

The Corporate Chalk

May 11, 2015

Our team have a varied set of skills when combined with rigors and strategic production, and custom NGS font and typographic design, all of which reveals itself as a gamut of refined and uniquely beautiful product.

By cleverly combining lettering styles from the 4 corners and traditional hand painted characteristics the design fits perfectly the global corporate look and feel. Or putting it another way… it’s better by our many hands, and by a great deal of design.

London Chalk Co - 3 Nabarro-Wall-Spread-Neon-NGS


12105905_10207633219166552_2898315460006193608_n 12140636_10207630440657091_3350321172611264761_n

Poska full wall design NGS Nick Garrett

Detail chalk boards

The Corporate Chalk

Killer brand ID and media for start-ups – NGS Brand Design

April 25, 2015
wall decorative fonts ngs london signman 3

crazy_funky monkeyKiller brand ID and media for start-ups

You have a new business that you know has originality and stands out from the pack.  How do you show that in your brand ID design?

It’s one of the biggest and most important challenges you face getting the feel right for your customer base.  Get it right and you’ll never look back… wrong it and you’ll never be where you wanted.  There’s no such thing as a no brainer when it’s your business on the line.

I design using a fixed strategy – no airy fairy bullshit… even if it’s selling smelly, fluffy, pamper stuff. It works for my clients because it gives them real stand out! It’s why you might just come straight to me.

Ice Cream cab new

The 5 key principles that make my designs and brand launch better than my direct competitors are:

1  CLARITY FFS – No point in bathing it in frills that distract from your story. Typography and image must be super hardcore clear and on point. Swear a lot or not at all. No fashionista rants either – you gotta fackin’ well mean it!!!

2  PRODUCT READ – What you do is more important than who you are so people have to get exactly what you are offering… and want it.  Your product must be like a song you can’t get outa yer head. Colour psychology and a whole lot of visual magic assists your readability among the throng.

3  HONESTY –  Take the wall down and speak directly to your customers without any fluff. It’s important to let your customers know what you are doing and why you are doing it. Remember that customers are smart and they want to engage honestly.”

4.  CALL TO ACTION – Bobby Grajewski of Edison Nation Medical reveals his go-to strategy, “We always look for a call to action to spark thought, contemplation and eventual action. To that end, we have posed rhetorical questions and problems, run searches and asked the community for their ideas to improve healthcare.”

5. HEADLINE AND CONTENT MAGIC – If your headline is weak, it doesn’t matter how good the rest of the copy is because no one is going to click through. People often add headlines and titles as afterthoughts, but a headline should get as much thought as the rest of the piece. And the rest of the piece?  Create objective social media posts, blogs, infographics and white papers that raise the level of informed discourse in your industry — even if it means levying warranted praise upon a competitor from time to time. The value of your content will increase exponentially.

Happy work club guys.

Nick Garrett


Old Spitalfields Market – Flexwood

April 5, 2015

Fox 001

Off the ladder – At the Fox

Talking to head honcho Bernard Greene of Flexwood in the imitable Fox at Haggerston and you would never know this gentle, quiet fella was such and dynamic driving force behind one of the state of the art architectural joinery manufacturers in the world.

At least I didn’t – beh there’s nowt new in that!.

Fox Haggerston 002

The Fox Haggerston


”I learned how to make a good sash window and it’s the best window in the world!”

”What you can knock up a sash?”

”Oh yea…” Bernard was (and still is) a master carpenter dash cabinet maker.

In the back of my mind I was recalling from my own sash refurbishment a few years ago…

The double hung wooden box sash window has stood the test of time as the perfect functional and aesthetic solution; it offers maximum influx of daylight and easily controlled ventilation. Our double glazed wooden box sash windows retain these features whilst upgrading the thermal and acoustic specifications required of a modern window.

Conversation turned to the rebirth of traditional craftsmanship and inevitably from my corner, the development of the Shoreditch area. Bernie it turns out was responsible for putting the face on one of the most distinctive urban redevelopment projects in London.

”We did the Spitalfields Market” He chipped in.

”Pfff…!!” nearly lost half my beer and my delicious Jerk Chicken sandwich. ”What the whole lot?’‘ (Jaw thud on bar… Jerry laughing)

”Yep” He nodded sipping at his crisp delicious Peroni.

There I was about to ask him if he could knock up a few sandwich boards for me!

We headed off into the evening’s conversation about our journeys through the raft of life, the emerald isle, outback Australia, kids, long distance commuting and a couple of fine local ales courtesy of our Jerry and the lads from the Fox.

”Oh and we did a bit down at Heathrow too…”

Classic company and great tradition a it’s best.

Check out Flexwood  at

Our contribution

Complete refurbishment of Listed Building Shopfronts.

Working closely with English Heritage and award winning architects Jullian Harrap we are carefully removing 64 existing shopfronts, in publicly occupied areas, and refitting with new to match every listed detail. Our work includes:

  • Site measure, survey and setting out
  • Producing detail drawings of each shopfront
  • Manufacture and off site preperation of shopfronts
  • Erection of hoarding to shops internally and on the pavement to protect occupied areas
  • Carefully removing existing shopfronts, retaining specified elements and disposing of unwanted waste
  • Installing new shopfronts, glazing and decorating on site
  • Final clean and removal of hoarding

Other works include:

  1. Reinstatement of joinery internally and shopfitting
  2. Dry-lining and decorations of shops internally
  3. Decoration of external masonary
  4. Breaking out and removal of external canopy and re-instatement of new over occupied area
  • Old Spitalfields Market

    Project: Old Spitalfields Market
    Main contractor: Ballymore Properties
    The client: Ballymore Properties
    Flairlane Sub-Contractor to Ballymore Properties

The Lovely Galley What’s on and Coming up Feb 15

February 6, 2015
Forest Hill School sixth form exhibition this weekend. Come and see these fantastic young artists!
Forest Hill School sixth form exhibition this weekend. Come and see these fantastic young artists!

COSTUME DRAMA! limited places left for our drawing course this weekend. To book call: 02036861328 or email:
COSTUME DRAMA!  limited places left for our drawing course this weekend. To book call: 02036861328 or email:

Weekly watercolour and water based media 

with Anna Lovely


Starting February


Saturday 14th February





2015.. Skilling IT! Learn Sign Painting in London. February weekend workshops NGS

January 25, 2015

Learn to Paint letters! NGS Signsmith workshops are rolling out Jan and Feb. Stoppress January 10 – 11 and February 21 – 22 classes are booking. Grab your easel and book a place on the day. Discounts for Students.
Have a great Skilling it! New Year. Nick.

Today the new tradition signpainting is all about keeping it alive and learning the skills on an immediate basis… we share all the vocational skillsets and get people on an expanded career path from day 1.  On the day it’s focused and immensely rewarding.

Nick Garrett

Full Course Information

London Blocks Explained L002 250 dpi cJPEG

For your copy apply to us ngsfwt@outlook.comPainted letters day with Nick Garrett

NGS Painted Letters … London Railway Blocks, Finest Roman Classics, Culty Retro, Wharf Grunge


9.30 – 5.30 


@ 140 Sydenham Road London SE265JZ

– all levels – all materials and food inc

Start-up your Pro geared Lettering Skills

This is the course has all the insight to get you into the zone.  A workshop designed to work.

Thanks for dropping by – this page introduces the Painted lettering 1 and 2 day courses suitable to creatives at all reaches of lettering development who want to get started in a meaningful way. The day workshops are student specific, fun yet focused, responsive to all levels, needs and vocational.

Suits all levels inc: beginners, graphic students, young gun or exp writers, graffiti artists in fact all comers –


A New age of graphic ID

January 5, 2015

On the back of painting reams of letters over the past 30 years something new has to happen.

It is not enough to simply claim to go further and add this and that as a jump up on the next competitor. That is not innovation – it is simply a jostling for a slither of note over the nearest competitor.

Innovation is at large in the few.

Truly emerging innovation is a felt glimmer being dragged across the horizon…

So what is the next true wave of inspiration likely to look like?

It has to first allow itself the divine right to exist as something entirely new.

This could be new by approach, feel, sensibility.

My own sense is that this is entirely linked to ones ability to find a sensuous magic in whatever is on the table for product development or ID.

The new approach owes much to empathy and pure product design.  It is mechanical yet open to any conceivable concept that exists.

I believe in …….

yes is the answer to everything in the universe.

It is like an alien sentient being or a slice of bread.



Beyond this lies the opportunity to reap great design whist slipping in and out of view.

It is subtle



It has to strive to prove Zen to be nothing more than contrived shit because it comes from the streets of London, Delhi and Venice and somewhere between.


It doesn’t quite exist yet but it’s always been there.


Range of marks, tattoo and signwriting styles. NGS London

December 22, 2014


New Generation Signwriting London.

Originally posted on Nick Garrett Traditional Signwriting & Glass Gilding:

Range of marks, tattoo and signwriting styles.

Q tips Signs by NGS

Across London today there is a fabulous groundswell of analogue design activity placing signwriting where it once stood as an important infographic transmitter and pure design led solution.

There is no more versatile a tool than a master signwriter and his brush.  Well actually that’s the paradigm shift right there because a host of master signwriters, including myself are now training young art grads and creatives to take up the noble craft like never before.

NGS aims to train start-ups and link them up with projects, taking the lettering itself to a more refined level.  Fueling this are a host of exciting design trends and opportunities opening up new avenues of creative expression and work experience.  At the heart of this New Generation of Signwriting is a greater understanding of quality and detail, ramped up in an age of unique online business marketing.

For myself the…

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