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April 27, 2012

London Signwriter -  Nick Garrett NGS

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The Usual Business!

Welcome all!  This is going to be a big fun learning curve… training the next generation of signmasters.  

Next Course Booking

18 places9 left   –  5 left  –  3 left

ONE PLACE LEFT   Contact Nick  07960113799

Nick Garrett  and  Guest sign painter Emanuel Barreira

… will be teaching the next April 11-12 course

Fantastic course would definitely recommend it… covered a lot over the course of the 2 days from techniques to the best materials to use. Great creative atmosphere and good insight to sign painting.   Perri

Cool Vibes at NGS sign training!!

Quality learning – value, concise and focused training delivered in a way that makes sense … and works.  You’ll walk out of here and you’ll be able to make real headway as a sign painter.

This course is delivered using the method featured in the forthcoming Laurence King publication ”The Art of Sign Painting” – by Nick Garrett.


How to Paint Letters - NGS 001

Clear format techniques and learning sheets deliver an easy to grasp, precise methodology.


Step by Step practice tutorials.

B stroke play 72

Hi this blog is all about solutions in design, for design, via design… enjoy and leave a cool comment or two

Nick Garrett

Contact me directly

 NGS Video capture

The Lovely Galley What’s on and Coming up Feb 15

February 6, 2015
Forest Hill School sixth form exhibition this weekend. Come and see these fantastic young artists!
Forest Hill School sixth form exhibition this weekend. Come and see these fantastic young artists!

COSTUME DRAMA! limited places left for our drawing course this weekend. To book call: 02036861328 or email:
COSTUME DRAMA!  limited places left for our drawing course this weekend. To book call: 02036861328 or email:

Weekly watercolour and water based media 

with Anna Lovely


Starting February


Saturday 14th February





2015.. Skilling IT! Learn Sign Painting in London. February weekend workshops NGS

January 25, 2015

Learn to Paint letters! NGS Signsmith workshops are rolling out Jan and Feb. Stoppress January 10 – 11 and February 21 – 22 classes are booking. Grab your easel and book a place on the day. Discounts for Students.
Have a great Skilling it! New Year. Nick.

Today the new tradition signpainting is all about keeping it alive and learning the skills on an immediate basis… we share all the vocational skillsets and get people on an expanded career path from day 1.  On the day it’s focused and immensely rewarding.

Nick Garrett

Full Course Information

London Blocks Explained L002 250 dpi cJPEG

For your copy apply to us ngsfwt@outlook.comPainted letters day with Nick Garrett

NGS Painted Letters … London Railway Blocks, Finest Roman Classics, Culty Retro, Wharf Grunge


9.30 – 5.30 


@ 140 Sydenham Road London SE265JZ

– all levels – all materials and food inc

Start-up your Pro geared Lettering Skills

This is the course has all the insight to get you into the zone.  A workshop designed to work.

Thanks for dropping by – this page introduces the Painted lettering 1 and 2 day courses suitable to creatives at all reaches of lettering development who want to get started in a meaningful way. The day workshops are student specific, fun yet focused, responsive to all levels, needs and vocational.

Suits all levels inc: beginners, graphic students, young gun or exp writers, graffiti artists in fact all comers –


A New age of graphic ID

January 5, 2015

On the back of painting reams of letters over the past 30 years something new has to happen.

It is not enough to simply claim to go further and add this and that as a jump up on the next competitor. That is not innovation – it is simply a jostling for a slither of note over the nearest competitor.

Innovation is at large in the few.

Truly emerging innovation is a felt glimmer being dragged across the horizon…

So what is the next true wave of inspiration likely to look like?

It has to first allow itself the divine right to exist as something entirely new.

This could be new by approach, feel, sensibility.

My own sense is that this is entirely linked to ones ability to find a sensuous magic in whatever is on the table for product development or ID.

The new approach owes much to empathy and pure product design.  It is mechanical yet open to any conceivable concept that exists.

I believe in …….

yes is the answer to everything in the universe.

It is like an alien sentient being or a slice of bread.



Beyond this lies the opportunity to reap great design whist slipping in and out of view.

It is subtle



It has to strive to prove Zen to be nothing more than contrived shit because it comes from the streets of London, Delhi and Venice and somewhere between.


It doesn’t quite exist yet but it’s always been there.


Range of marks, tattoo and signwriting styles. NGS London

December 22, 2014


New Generation Signwriting London.

Originally posted on Nick Garrett Traditional Signwriting & Glass Gilding:

Range of marks, tattoo and signwriting styles.

Q tips Signs by NGS

Across London today there is a fabulous groundswell of analogue design activity placing signwriting where it once stood as an important infographic transmitter and pure design led solution.

There is no more versatile a tool than a master signwriter and his brush.  Well actually that’s the paradigm shift right there because a host of master signwriters, including myself are now training young art grads and creatives to take up the noble craft like never before.

NGS aims to train start-ups and link them up with projects, taking the lettering itself to a more refined level.  Fueling this are a host of exciting design trends and opportunities opening up new avenues of creative expression and work experience.  At the heart of this New Generation of Signwriting is a greater understanding of quality and detail, ramped up in an age of unique online business marketing.

For myself the…

View original 586 more words… making it real with the Artificial Sky at PLEA2014

December 16, 2014… making it real with the Artificial Sky at PLEA2014
December 16,2014 | India | Education

It is with pride that are launching a new product named Compact Artificial Sky. The CAS has been made for CEPT University Ahmedabad, being presented to all participants at the PLEA 2014.

Ahmedabad, India, December 16,2014/ — The CAS, named Kiwi Single Patch, is a virtual dome type artificial sky automated mechanism. The sky dome is reproduced by a scanning process, whereby the scaled model is moved by the Kiwi around the single sky patch to reproduce the entire lighting vault.

Pure design advantage by Real-time observation

By using the Kiwi a greater scope of observation is enabled. The synthesis of mathematical and data input is therefore centralised and confirmed by this new tool of direct observation. Through a process of research triangulation for example, direct and recordable observation is highly desirable in any overarching research design strategy.

Therefore, perhaps the greatest strength of this tool is not solely in the power of observation it provides, but by effectively complementing other approaches and opening the way for imperative, spontaneous innovation.

The net result is the harnessing of the best quality of evidence available, while landing greater scope for commercial success.

Micro Dash Macro

Compact by dimension, massive in data delivery: Kiwi is an extremely powerful tool because it is able to reproduce every kind of sky (statistical or mathematic). The designer has at hand the tool to recognise and build real solutions for all scenarios.

It is also pretty fast too, the Tregenza sky subdivision is reproduced, at medium speed, in 18 minutes. At it’s fastest the subdivision is reproduced at a deft 15 minutes.

PLEA 2014 Ahmedabad

The PLEA conferences help deploying a wide range of architectural and design science to help realise buildings, neighbourhoods and cities that have minimal impact on natural resources whilst satisfying the comfort requirements and aspirations of a fast developing society.

PLEA (Passive and Low Energy Architecture) is an autonomous, non-profit, network of individuals sharing expertise in the arts, sciences, planning and design of the built environment (

PLEA 2014 Ahmedabad will deliberate on the choices the world has and the choices the world need to make in order to move towards a more sustainable habitat, especially for developing societies and emerging economies.

In particular the local theme of this international conference speaks to the urgent need to reduce energy use in new and existing buildings in cities that are witnessing rapid growth and urbanization. – Design feed

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We have a new range of servicing offers in the high-beam that aim to keep your machines running smoothly and extending life. This coupled with software updates sets the agenda for 2015.

Feel free to feedback areas you would like us to expand on and offer.

Subscribe and keep an eye on our site for the brand new LED artificial sky, heliodon, lux meter kit and solar simulator news and user info.

We at Betanit are building on our market success, widening the range of simulators, while improving performance and updating existing models.

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Of course for detailed info you can contact me directly – helping shed light on light

DESIGNING NEW CAPITALISM: Hungary goes for broke!! Kills off IMF and makes strong recovery in new capitalism model – International Monetary Fund told to vacate the country; nation now issuing debt-free money

December 9, 2014
Dec 8, 2014

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• International Monetary Fund told to vacate the country; nation now issuing debt-free money

By Ronald L. Ray

Hungary is making history of the first order.

Not since the 1930s in Germany has a major European country dared to escape from the clutches of the Rothschild-controlled international banking cartels. This is stupendous news that should encourage nationalist patriots worldwide to increase the fight for freedom from financial tyranny.

Already in 2011, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán promised to serve justice on his socialist predecessors, who sold the nation’s people into unending debt slavery under the lash of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the terrorist state of Israel. Those earlier administrations were riddled with Israelis in high places, to the fury of the masses, who finally elected Orbán’sFidesz party in response.

According to a report on the German-language website “National Journal,” Orbán has now moved to unseat the usurers from their throne. The popular, nationalistic prime minister told the IMF that Hungary neither wants nor needs further “assistance” from that proxy of the Rothschild-owned Federal Reserve Bank. No longer will Hungarians be forced to pay usurious interest to private, unaccountable central bankers.

Instead, the Hungarian government has assumed sovereignty over its own currency and now issues money debt free, as it is needed. The results have been nothing short of remarkable. The nation’s economy, formerly staggering under deep indebtedness, has recovered rapidly and by means not seen since National Socialist Germany.

The Hungarian Economic Ministry announced that it has, thanks to a “disciplined budget policy,” repaid on August 12, 2013, the remaining €2.2B owed to the IMF—well before the March 2014 due date. Orbán declared: “Hungary enjoys the trust of investors,” by which is not meant the IMF, the Fed or any other tentacle of the Rothschild financial empire. Rather, he was referring to investors who produce something in Hungary for Hungarians and cause true economic growth. This is not the “paper prosperity” of plutocratic pirates, but the sort of production that actually employs people and improves their lives.

With Hungary now free from the shackles of servitude to debt slavers, it is no wonder that the president of the Hungarian central bank, operated by the government for the public welfare and not private enrichment, has demanded that the IMF close its offices in that ancient European land. In addition, the state attorney general, echoing Iceland’s efforts, has brought charges against the last three previous prime ministers because of the criminal amount of debt into which they plunged the nation.

The only step remaining, which would completely destroy the power of the banksters in Hungary, is for that country to implement a barter system for foreign exchange, as existed in Germany under the National Socialists and exists today in the Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, orBRICS, international economic coalition. And if the United States would follow the lead of Hungary, Americans could be freed from the usurers’ tyranny and likewise hope for a return to peaceful prosperity.

Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author residing in the free state of Kansas. He is a descendant of several patriots of the American War for Independence.




December 7, 2014
See video Heliodon Technology in design betanit italia


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE active in the field of energy savings derived from better use of natural light, is very proud to announce thatArup Lighting has chosen to deepen their designs with the help of one of our robotic heliodons.

For several months, Arup Lighting Lab (in London) has a heliodon Orange II in order to better and more quickly detect the effects of the sun on the buildings for which they are called upon to develop lighting designs.

In the attached photo, you see the close-knit group of designers during the preparation course for the use of the heliodon, the course which was held in the offices of Ove Arup & Partners International in August, just as the city took place in the Summer Olympics.

We are also pleased to note that every day more and more professionals in the building industry and experts in the field of lighting decided to investigate further the natural light to better understand the complex interactions originate from the sun.

Lighting at Arup brings together art, science and technology. Their truly global team of designers create expressive, sustainable and award-winning concepts in light.

For more information please contact:

Mrs. Micaela Barbieri
Nitter –
Phone: +39 0523 188 5451


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