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Nick Garrett’s beautiful Antique Veneziano finishes

Commission me for your London design project

Photo: Coronet distressed...

Commission me today for the finest Venetian finishes

Your project so special – it needs something extra.  A touch and beauty… here are the 3 key elements that guarantee you the perfect surface finish.

  • Use only finest tools and materials
  • Utilise traditional Renaissance Italian colour blends
  • Imbue  natural, organic characteristic to all finishes
Most polished plasterers come from the plastering industry…  rich artistry is absolutely the cornerstone of any beauty finish and comes from a true artistic training and creative background.
I come from a fine art and restoration background and it makes a huge difference – what I bring to the project is a deep knowledge of classical colour and a sensual natural aesthetic.
Having worked with 17-18th century Italian antiques for decades, quality is my hallmark.
Colour control and selection of tonal contrasts
For example how did the Italian fresco artists create such beautiful greys?
The secret formulations are what makes my schemes so delicate and rich.
How did the Venetians create that amazing range of reds?  
Again I have that classical colour blending knowledge..
Ebony and antique black?  Absolutely particular in the mixing.
Gustavian Blues? .. the secret is in it’s control as an over glaze and simplicity of natural earth colour compounds

Reds have it

I apply all my finishes with a knowledge of Italian fresco and historical richness, from years of work at the highest level.
Perfection, historic imperfection and passion make your NG product unique.
Nick Garrett

Above Marmorino Stucco Antique

Hand Painted Fiori on Gesso Stucco med heavy base - Nick Garrett

Above new sample on the 2D board… yep the panel is flat, 8mm MDF

I am working on some nice variations to the antique stucco look… stay tuned in next 2 weeks new sampling will be complete and ready for Decorex 2011 London September 25-28


Contact me for a quotation

Skype:  nickgarrett2828

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above: sculptural piece and stucco wall finish both by Nick Garrett

By blading and honing the surface with several coats of stucco you can polish up a wonderful quartz lustre surface.  My own preference is to allow the surface to stay imperfect in the most beautiful way so as to emulate those beautiful historic surfaces.  The surface can be wax polished which seals it waterproof.  It should last +5 decades.

Day 1 Panels primed – 2 coats, drying

Day 2 Venetian red base

First coat: On wet and dark – drying paler


Day 3 – 2nd coat, burnished and 3rd coat rose 

2nd Coat: Antique Venetion red stucco with surface antique crazing

Antique Stucco Veneziano – Nick Garrett

Coat 3 Day 2: above Antique Stucco Veneziano: Rose finish – it must have emotion

Sample 2


Coat 1:  Dark Umber flattened off

Stucco Umber tone – Coat 2-3 drying out

Dark umber stucco fine – Coat 1 base coat still wet coming reading for fine burnishing

The second sample will be an umber tonal render with fine surface and 80% refined polish up. A great stucco always has a varied silky surface rather than hard gloss – unless buffed and waxed.

Plaster based finish of superior quality and refinement. A product that recalls the decorative techniques of the Venetian artisans of the 16th century.


Coat 3 -Final Umber tone, pre-waxing – over coarse primer

stucco umber depth

Coat 3 – Stucco Umber tone 3

Stucco Venezia is a highly refined and quality stucco for interior surfaces. It is a product that reproposes artisan decorative techniques of the Venetian 16th century. It confers elegance, aesthetics and prestige to its surroundings. Composed of natural and synthetic resins and active additives that give good elasticity and adhesion. It has indispensable transpiration, is non-flammable, non-harmful to man and the environment and is washable.

Where to use
Stucco Venezia is the ideal solution in any interior where one wishes to obtain a classic finish of high prestige with good resistance and washability. Especially suitable for private and public locations with elegant or contemporary furnishing. May be applied to surfaces such as drywall, pvc, civil plaster, old painted surfaces, wood, etc..

White stucco just looks fabulous like marble but airier.

It is durable and an excellent solution cover for imperfect surfaces.

Email for a quotation:

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