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Stucco Veneziano: Here’s why you MUST use Nick Garrett

Making Nick Garrett’s beautiful Antique Veneziano part of your next project?

Contact me for an unbeatable creative project and quote today.

Why use me, Nick Garrett?

What I do that makes your project so special?

  • Use finest materials
  • Amazing colour blends
  • Beautiful, naturalist hand flourishes – but not over the top
Most polished plasterers come from the plastering industry having done a six or 12 week course etc – undoubtedly they have sweet finishing skills, but look closer and you’ll see a genuine lack of artistry – I am a fine artist and restorer and so what you get with me is an artistry and truly fine knowledge of classical colour control.
Having worked with 17-18th century Italian antiques for decades, quality has just rubbed off.
But that’s only part of it.
Colour control and selection
For example how did the fresco artists create such beautiful greys?
I know – I have the formulas.
How did the Venetians create that amazing range of reds?  Again I have that classical colour blending knowledge..
Ebony and antique black?  Absolutely particular in the mixing.
Gustavian Blues? Again the secret is in it’s control and simplicity
That’s why Nina Campbell and Tricia Guild commissioned me for years.
I apply all my finishes with a knowledge of Italian fresco and historical richness, from years of work at the highest level.
Perfection, historic imperfection and passion make your NG product unique.
Nick Garrett


+44 (0)7831173396  


Skype:  nickgarrett2828

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