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Online Sign painting support NGS London


NGS design based online learning

How it works

Welcome to this growing community of writers whom I seek to support not just in writing skills but materials and tools development – Let me know what you looking for, a bit about yr experience and I’ll get you started on the first pack of kit building and suppliers list, with how to start out on the right foot with the correct brush stroke practice.

Suitable for wayfarers and moderately experienced letterers.

Nick Garrett

How it works

4-8 affordable session blocks with downloads and materials links.  These are paid monthly by Paypal or card.

Just fill in the form below.


We have a series of worksheets to get you started on correct practice .


A complete list of what you need and where to get it is included in yr first day online.



Skype training sessions are a tremendous way to advance your ability.  Log in to my Skype

Check out NGS website for inspiration:



Chalk designer script NGS


Design First


Logical and progressive learning material for existing and newcoming Sign Painters.


  • Intro sheets
  • Suppliers lists
  • NGS Hand book extracts
  • Work progress
  • Tasks and targets
  • Option of onsite work experience


The entry course will give you a range of material selection options, kit building and first practice experience.

  • Pallet or pot technique
  • Mahl stick
  • Flowing and striking lines and curves


£40.00 for the first entry sessions x4-8


For a combination of what suits you best:

Skype based 


Worksheet based learning



Hannah learning on the job NGS cropped-nick-on-the-fascia-72.jpg Signsmiths weekender NGS London signwriting crew

Design is so important for client great ideal






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