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Google Ads-words addiction

Attributes of Google Adwords addiction

Be selective. Know yourself. Stay in the Real economy.

Vending machine

It’s like anything in the Blue Chip corporate world: harvest the crop and increase the yield while venturing new markets by crushing costs.

Google Adwords is not at all what it appears, either on the surface or below… and boy does it go below!


Harvest time

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GA is a massive money raking, machine that is so powerful it converts your data algorithms into it’s own ‘logical’ paths for pure control and profit. These paths are set to streams. These streams form a character profile of Industry type, Location, SEO and online action profiles, along with deeper assessments of user interface. In other words it knows everything about you and your industry, with it’s own data trend and likely scenarios that it has set as it’s deep trading manifesto.

In other words it’s THE big western society control machine… nay mechanism. 

Let’s take the rising industry of Signwriting. How does Google view it as a money churning stream? What characteristics does it have?

Well Google tolerates niche businesses but that’s about as far as it goes.

It really doesn’t see niche business in the same way as our clients do for example and that is an area of great concern.

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The Cream of the Crop: Behavioural Patterns and Data snypes

The first time you log on to GA you get a barrage of enquiries!! Wow how incredible is that and for your investment of £20.00 the return is fantastic.

But then it has to be £20.00 every day in order to sustain that nice new level of business… and hold on… that eats up £620.00 per month. Welcome to Google.

Bear days

So the next thing to look at is how that expenditure affects your competitiveness in the market place?

Directly, as yr daily client fees have to accommodate that expenditure.

So on the one hand you have gained entry into the ‘pool’ of work but on the other you still have to price that work keenly in order to win it right!!?  You just gotta swim a little faster right??

(but I did this AWds thing to make my deal acquisition easier!?)

10 enquiries and 50% are shopping for cheapest price the remainder genuinely like what you do… but they will also like what someone else is doing too.

So now your swimming a little faster upstream. How TF did that happen??… and it’s costing you a small Princely sum.


DeCentering industry

New level of dog eat dog… yr mates are now your threat



Let’s take an example of my own NGS and say Traditional Signs of London, Glyphics, and Signwritingjack.  A few talented, good guys vying for the same work.


Art Team


What happens with yr mates in the trade, is that as they enter this AW de-centering reality, raw competitiveness is made the main feature of their business profile model.

Google A has therefore assisted the division of the cooperative that once was. Because Google most definitely wants a world based on competition and not collaboration.


Google most definitely doesn’t get for example, how or why I would actively promote what it sees as a hostile competitor like Jack on my pages. Why would it? Why would I…?? it doesn’t make sense does it?

images (1)22


Well actually it does make sense because by doing so I stand tall and promote my mates… it confuses the sorry ass off Google’s analytics… It’s illogical to promote competitor that is also a respected a friend… because Google parameters aren’t set up that way.

But good clients’ parameters probably are… set up just like that.

And it’s the genuinely good people that we all want to attract and the healthy way to do this is to reflect those positive characteristics, and be genuinely good professional people.

Break the dumb, divisive mould today. It won’t work NOT to.

It is a false economy to think Adwords can build your business.


CASE Result: No enemies. No dependency. Meaningful business.


Tomorrows new trend in UK business is actually meeting people.

Increase Yield: cost crush at all costs




The Google mindset is deadly, to befriend all sides and pitch them into a pool where they face off as killer competitors… which Google will incidentally assist in optimising with account settings, in order to be THE most competitive account payer of the hunting pack… and yet they do that for everyone. They make that pool a deadly pit.

It’s like Monsanto effect at your finger-tips… they give you a virtual valley of rich fertile fields,  chuck in some crop seeds and of course some weeds and offer you weedkiller … at a cost – they then boot up immunity and develop stronger more effective weedkiller for you and your neighbour because they also just happened to tell you how to pollinate your own patch while infesting the next guys. And they did the same to him…


images (1)er

Crop failure


The bottom line?

And so inevitably Google kill off the market with oversupply, hostile terrain, and price crunching competitiveness that actually forces those small businesses to reel away from Adwords as it becomes a deadzone.


1  The costs go up.  They encourage you to invest more.

2  The quality of work available declines as it thins

3  Price-point declines

4  Time dedication increases



If you have less work then you have more time to plan and think about the shape of your business… more time to be planning strategically the core nature and next best steps. THAT is the real economy.

We are not supposed to be backed up senselessly out of fear and insecurity, with work, for work sake… it kills are ability to think, plan and create… the essence of success.

Post shifting

To ice the cake we then have hoards of spam SEO and Adwords gurus infesting our emails as Google sells our data and we get to hear that the decline in client enquiries is not to do with Google farming and taking from one to give to the other, but simply a case that YOU the user have not stayed in the game. 


The game changed didn’t you know?? Bullshit wouldn’t you say?


So the user is lead to believe that Google has optimised it’s keyword and SEO settings… and that all you need to do is get your SEO sorted.


In fact it probably has as a response to people trying to work around the business fucking fences Google set in order to manifest .more dependence, stress, fear and dependence and more dependence, stress, fear and dependence…


Google divides US small businesses and uses fear of business decline to keep you hooked on the treadmill.


Simple fix? SEO to the rescue

You spend 150 quid on Indian based SEO dudes, Google monitors the changes and rewards you with a few clicks and YOU think You have it under control.

You don’t.

It’s the game. Limited success.


Final smart Game shifter… hmm you get hung

So you get smart and start tweaking yr CPC rates and play jumps and plummets in order to shape shift some business and outsmart Goog – but this kick in more analytical layers from their system and they start to Kettle you.

Guess what… Google penalises the user who makes as it sees it, NEGATIVE changes to their settings on a daily basis. In other words if you try to box clever Google hangs your page.

Google page hang Link


The only way to get back in business is to clear all cookies and passwords…

So what is the way to go?


Re-enter your local Community


Think and post with a community mindset. By pretty much understanding Google strategy and flipping it’s butt you have an ideal and healthy approach to business development.  No longer are you DEPENDENT on this divisive, unhealthy animal.

The longer you develop along with GA the more isolated you will become and worse still you are entrusting your entire business direction to bears.

Legs, heart and mind


By using your legs you actually get into the community and meet fascinating people… they all have stories. They all open up to YOUR story and most will make you a cup of tea and chat.

Get to know your community.

Trust in Trust


Don’t believe for a minute the nonsense that you here on Facebook etc. Go meet those who compete with you and see them face to face.

Focus on your personal heartland. What makes you happy deep down. Feed that which really matters. It’s probably more to do with the dog or family.


In order to grow a creative based business you need to look at yourself and get real. Prepare yourself to place a sense of goodwill before all else.  What’s the worst thing that can happen? You grow genuine friendships. The life blood of all.


Assist and Resist – Re-Centre your life

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Resist internet dependence.

Assist each other grow strong – an industry builder.


Contact people with GENUINE messages not drossy sycophantic, Facebook nonsense.


And on that note all the best.   It’s a no brainer.






































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