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Design needs ART – Nick Garrett

Below is a new sculpture by artists Remi Rough.

It is a stunning piece and would happily form a gamut of fabulous design implementation and crossovers from lighting, object, point of sale etc.

At a time when retail are starting up design staff recruiting drives, what’s the betting they’ll end up drawing from the well trodden pool? … and wonder why they need to do the same drive in 12 months time…

So well trodden is the pool that the knock on effect is that the reach of any new design concept range will strive and flag with that of overseas emerging competitor design markets… why so?

In short the new young blood designers arrive in the retail suite only to find the role driven by commercial teams and play it safe buying trend trackers.

Recruiters and commercial departments struggle to hold onto good staff because the pool simply slushes around… team leader from ASDA steps up to NEXT… NEXT design manager heads south to John Lewis… etc etc.

A lot more opportunity for market innovation led domination can be achieved by understanding the way the open design market is changing.

A glut of new design teams are making superb themes and brand.  All to often these new rising stars seek support from experienced pros and gain valuable depth and knowledge.

The retail market however veers away from extending genuine links with the freelance market.  The politics of the commercial departments include mantras that actively discourage association with freelance designers in the open market.  A leading retail HOD mentioned how his department policy clearly states no close association must be encouraged or communicated to outreach sectors.

ART creatives today like Remi Rough, work on joint projects in multi disciplinary areas.  It is exactly the driver that propels UK creative arts and design forward internationally.

But above all else the use of fine art practitioners has yet to be recognised as the future industry benchmark that it could be today.

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