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About Nick Garrett

… finisher, artist, designer, product developer.


I started out in 1981, and fresh out of fine art school Camberwell college of art I kicked off making immediate inroads into the hefty commercial world of brewery sign industry of London, whereupon I became the youngest leading typographer and sign manufacturer to Watney Comb Reid and Ind Coope Taylor Walker – Awarded best sign award at Design Centre London 1982.

Inevitably my curiosity took me from fascia building, to glass gilding to fine furniture painting and interior faux finishes. Working with many leading designers in London including Nina Campbell and Tricia Guild my interest in furniture grew.

I pioneered shabby sheek and chic distressed finishes in ‘Painted Country‘ and ‘In Town‘ publications for Designers Guild.

Furniture restoration seemed like the next challenge and in any case I started collecting at 15 working in The Camberwell Antique Warehouse – after several interesting months with Horologer David Walter in Perth during the nineties I finally settled in Italy where I called time on a long design association with China Accent of Hong Kong.

With China Accent I had sated an ambition to design into mass retail market of USA:  Pier one Imports USA, Bombay Furniture and recently Impression of Germany were mainstay clients.  This work involved teaching guys on deck and machining up wood.  They taught me how to use chop sticks and make serious furniture.

Today alongside product design, I concentrate my early graphic and typographic skills on webpage design and functionality offering particular flair to button design and flash banner creation.  I have a love of gilding and wood finishing and continue to seek out projects that involve serious quality and delivery.

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Wood finishing



Pictorial work




Furniture and form design

Insight, trend planning & forecast

Graphic and display design 

Website design

Brand, Logo and Corp Id

Copy writing and proofing

Product design, development and sourcing

Design management

Other usefuls

Creative Arts Teaching

Craft teaching



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