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February 11, 2016






Better Painted Letters NGS London Signwriting school


The Revival of Signpainting


A perfect letter says it all

I’m Nick Garrett, I’m a world class signwriter apparently: prefer to think of myself as a traditional London signwriter, author and type designer pretty much single handedly on a mission to share everything I know. Why so?

By sharing with you my dedicated knowledge: this craft will thrive… and we’ll have a lot of fun twirling the paint.

Pretty simple really.

I will show you how to handle a brush, the occasional downpour and a very cute ladder – as a fresh signwriter, applying art and methodology smoothly on site, safely, securely every time will say a lot about you. 

So while this course is focused on making beautiful cities, letters, finesse and technique, it also gives you the business end (fits your start-up budget)… and how to get you laying up the work and earning… the right way, right away.

And that is the philosophy of this certificated course. To teach the heart of the heart of the practice, all ways, always – a place where it all functions pretty simply.


Photograpy Iona Wolff

The techniques shared will make you a proper signwriter from go.

I have put together this comprehensive starter Signwriting course that actually suits all levels from beginner to returning pro. It’s a lot of fun and logical. Not only that but now I’m adding a host of more specialists courses to the 2016 roster: mastering London wharf blocks, Romans, Scripts, Typogaphics and paint effects.

 4 Keystrokes:  The concise NGS strokeplay that makes it all work.

 3 Faced:  Typefaces you must learn because they are the chosen, turnkey design industry styles.

 4 Ways of Sharp Corners:  An assured way of making it perfect every time.

 4 Ways of Spacing:  Again a solid breakdown of how to sort kerning in the bag.



”Occasionally you take part in something that alters the course of your life. I’m not talking total transformation, more like crossing over a road to be in the sunshine. The change happens quickly, you observe it taking effect. Your eyes and heart open, you see things with clarity and meaning, the new experiences create a new, more beautiful, reality and suddenly the path ahead looks different.   

It happened to me this weekend when I learnt to hand paint letters. 

Katie’s Blog

FEBRUARY 2016 COURSE Link Here>>

Choose NGS if you want the best start in your career…

on a weekend that’s all about bettering your 360 practice.

A Signpainting Workshop – For Professional Quality Lettering


I’ve been to Nick Garrett’s Workshop this weekend. It has been a mind changing journey!

Simone, Italy



Above: Wow what a fantastic workshop! Josh Stika and Vincent Plisson laying it on super clean Day 2 December 2015… all about you guys.

It Works – students going forward

Students leave the studio, go pro and succeed:  The Brushettes, Jack Hollands, Tobias Newbigin, Abdul Jalil, Kike Fitxaje, Nilgun Baklaki, Chloe Tickner, Josh Stika, Hannah Matthews, Daisy Emerson, Clive Rennels, Simone Cannolicchio, Nick Simons, Kevin Roberts, Irena Szhestekova, Rob Ventura … more here

Practice strokes

NGS certificate Sign Painter Training London.jpg

Completion certificate

We are the Revival

of Signwriting

Info pack request

‘SEND ME AN NGS Starter pack and Bite sized intro invitation


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