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Learn To Signwrite with London’s NGS

January 1, 2016



Beginning what you will Love


The Consummate Painted Letters course by NGS

Sign writing today is proud boundless tradition thriving in the future tense.  There are few creative arts practices that allow such wholesome reward and such enormous sense of achievement over the short to medium term.  It is a renewed, utterly modern, brand based traditional practice, no longer limited by the closed shop, 5 year, die hard apprenticeships of the past.

This course is delivered by myself, Nick Garrett and my fantastic crew NGS.  We are dedicated to creating great signs and great signwriters. 

This course is jam packed, fun and astonishing… and yes for many it is the beginning of the next life.

It is also a place where a mix of talented artists, enthusiasts and beginners get intensely involved in this intricate creative process together and share the meet-up in a unique way each time. I relish each weekend. 

A delight to hear people decry the keyboard at 9.45am coffee break and by lunchtime are poleaxed and recharged by what they can do with just a pot of paint and a fantastic brush. It’s a privilege, fabulous discovery and atmosphere to be a guiding part of.

Be brave and dip the pot!

O strokes

It is an incredibly satisfying, human act, to create letters as semiotics which are after all, magical by character, definition, capacity and essence. As my 9 year old daughter Laura described it perfectly the other day ‘’With letters you are free!!’’

From the forthcoming book The Art of Urban Signwriting, Nick Garrett

By Eye – By hand – By Heart  #alwaysbyhand

Bespoke, Professional Lettering

NGS are a major signpainting studio in London promoting the truly vocational practice of lettering.  Nick Garrett is an independent master sign writer with a dedicated training environment for beginners and experienced artists.

Hard work, study and ingenuity continues to develop this successful course. Success is based on our newbies creating great signs out there in the world.


Typographer Kike Fitxaje learning the strokes – now a practicing signwriter

This course is designed to take learners at every stage of their creative path.  Students include an interesting mix of:

  • Those starting out
  • New experienced
  • Artists and designers
  • Lettering enthusiasts and Tattoo masters

Crafting Beautiful Letter Shapes & Strokeplay

Whilst Geometry is important

By Eye is essential

oct 2015 046

How to draw the brush and create all the best shapes

3 ways to chisel sharp corners

oct 2015 089

Drawing and painting great letters is one of life’s truest joys

A constant process… #youneverstoplearning

Facebook HO London – NGS

Heaps of writers follow and emulate what we do at NGS… design is highly competitive and full of challenges. We are all constantly expanding the art.  

This is genuine course because it builds on my modern sign practice by applying the lessons learnt at the coalface of writing across London today, and constant analysis of working, professional practice.

  • continually evolving
  • leading edge
  • ahead of trend
  • in-house, NGS projects of the day

Join Us     Why choose us?    Where we are

Better Painted Letters NGS London Signwriting school


Every corner of the new traditional practice has been refined and optimised for ease of learning.

12191547_10207780906658647_8423835320402387283_n 12115630_10207786444437088_7779034901376097078_n 12096336_10207721794780887_7535621545999199978_n

This course is all about the lettering. We have a laugh and fun on the day but it’s essentially about teaching you the real deal skills that matter.

Painted Letters


We will be practicing:
–  Setting up your kit – brushcare – go to suppliers
–  Brush practice – all day strokeplay through to sharp corners ad sweet curves
–  How to draw and paint London Block letters & history of sans serif development 1950s US scripts – looking at the structure and secrets of their visual snap!
–  Breath control and posture
–  Sharp Serifs 
–  Working on site – How it’s best done from set-up to clean-up

Gradient Learning

Designed specifically for beginners it also suits early stage writers and experienced alike, as the techniques shown are unique to the most successful signwriting crew in London.

Hardback workbook to be released in spring 2016

Laurence King Publishing
Well it’s been a fair time in the works but here it is a definitive manual on the art of painted letters.
Step by step tried and tested in the Signsmith workshops this book aims to be a game-changer, describing in detail how to prepare the brush and lay the strokes across 3 key lettering genres.
Release date announced shortly.

Page layup

Enrollment detail
All the latest info is updated here. 

For full course details info here

NGS Lettering course Group shot. 72

If I hadn’t done this course I would have been in a real mess on my first job… the little details that really count in getting organised… and the big ones!

Nick Simons

Join Us     Why choose us?     Course summary     Where we are

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