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April 3, 2014

Massive Media


FREE  OF THE BOXUpmarket glass gilding NGS

Above – NGS designed the logo and gilded for McCafe advert – Below:  The ad goes viral!!MCCafe McCafe postersAB Logo 007 72

Here is a stack of top projects we completed since 2011 showing a wide range of design application across a few classic London settings. 

1622848_743024065710283_976675289_n1  Grid murals for Damien Hirst – 126 sqm mtr

2  Retro font re-drawBaldacci Redrawn artwork sample NGS copia4 Maresfield3  Above:  bleed edge calligraphy4  Below:  Ted Baker banner design for Brompton Rd interior theme.The Old PO lay for TOP Godalming and below the finished piece.Old post office retro sign NGS& NGS  5Camden Market 2 lay6

BOLD concept 002 72

7  Label packaging for London spirit co.Biba House done

8  Design of front door name tag Notting Hill

C H Peppiatt Hand Painted Shop Sign P 17 Retro Tweak

9  Brand design for London estate agents Peppiatt

Parma Ham postcard  image

FWT FreeApp10  Web banners and ads


11  Signage in Angel and graphics branding


12  Above:  Tee Design for Foxy Broadway

13  Work Club – we designed 2 great walls for Andy Sandoz and crew  14

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