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London Vintage Sign Painter – Traditional skills with modern design NGS

March 5, 2014


It’s simply a new level of beauty …

A traditional process meets 2014 design.



AWakeley fascia 1 done

La Ruche vintage script signwriting by Nick Garrett
La Ruche Karen is happy with her sign!! NGS London signwriting company

NGS white paint on nose


The Old POOld post office retro sign NGS

Honoured that some of London’s top brand designers have asked me to design logos for them.  


Bespoke design, typography and writing

I am now offering signwriting falling into 2 creative categories:  Classic Retail (beautifying fonts and refining client layout design) and what I term my very special ‘Vintage Hand’ collection which includes bespoke hand drawn designs and visuals, vintage painting techniques and often inlaid gilded features.

Vintage workmanship aims to inspire other writers and raise the bar on everything I do until I retire.  This text is an explanation of the processes, many of which are incredibly subtle and often not glaringly evident to the naked eye.

We are dependent on signs more than mobile phones… they work constantly, informing, selling, warning, caring, assisting, helping and directing our busy London lives…


Some clients have requested an extra level of brand design expertise or extra finesse of signwriting in, for example, the matching and restoring of bygone hand, retro signage, or non computer based, hand drawn logos. These special hallmarks are aglow with creative integrity and have required me to re-visit in far greater detail, the creative processes I use.

Present too is my desire to inspire a whole new generation of talented young signwriters regarding the importance of seeking and delivering ultimate quality.



Constant drive for clarity is I believe a particular approach to design, detail and lettering that places my work at the very highest standard of purely hand painted writing. In particular the attention to balance, the tiniest detailing of serifs and spacing transforms the readability and ‘grab’.

By adding as much beauty as possible to your lettering the immediate effect is vitality, zest and business transformation.

You’re insight into business (Nick) and how it will grow into something big if we give it our best shot have given me and my husband hope enough to keep our sanity over the past few days….

needless to say…much appreciated and big thank you!

I guess Jack is right…. you don’t sleep! make sure you’re topped up with caffeine!

Regards,  Joyce,  Kalesa Restaurant Battersea


Because I have two decades of successful retail product design and visual marketing practice behind me, I know what your client wants and expects.

Having designed brochures and catalogs, billboard ads, digital media, video, massive exhibition schemes, furniture, ceramics and accessories (http://nickgarrettfurnituredesign) for 20 years, the level of graphical beauty entering your work is far wider than most other sign experts.

It is a huge history of beautiful design that I bring to bear on each task.

The satisfaction of your client curiosity begins with a visual (de)sign that tells them immediately, not only who you are and what you do, but how and why.


The Vintage Bespoke product goes far beyond ‘a bloke who does nice signwriting’ and enters the whole world  of visual psychology and marketing strategy – storyline aspects of client identity via colour, motif and style are crucially important to the success of my design of your brand ID and ultimately your front end of business.

It is a calculated blend of many skills and visual facets.  Nothing is hit and miss.

A sign endowed with such integrity, beauty, depth and quality tells a story via many layers, some visible many hidden … and your clients will recognise these and fall in love with what you do because the very best clients ingest the non visual aspects, the hints, flavours and nuances and read them positively.

Black and white it is not.

Your business is and always will be to them, about the very best portrayal of you – great typographers denote and personify identities in a magical yet method based way, correctly selected and perfectly spaced for example.

All bespoke clients know exactly what they want and have clear expectations.  They are success stories themselves, extremely discerning and acutely instinctive.  They will only recognise and feel comfortable working with a business that has the appearance of success and richness of style much like their own.

Of course none of this makes sense unless you are dedicated with a passion and love of what you do.

Your business success is built around your dreams and hard work.

Mine is built around making those become visual realities.

If you would like a truly bespoke sign made entirely by my own special (and my forefather’s) typographic design culture and of course written entirely by hand, just let me know.

Nick Garrett


The aim of every artist is to arrest motion – Faulkner tells us – The aim of every sign painter is to inspire it. 


I love this…

All signs are designed and painted entirely by eye or using our bespoke hand drawn styles.

We coin this Vintage Advantage – and yours will be a unique sign.


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