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January 30, 2014

Nick Garrett Traditional Signwriting & Glass Gilding


The first distressed painted furniture in UK came out of a garage in Brixton… my garage… and launched it 1986. Painted Country – by Tricia Guild CEO of Designers Guild was the publication I filled to the brim with Bright Distresses… and filled their flagship Kings Road store to the brim for 15 years too!

From there my expectation has always been… if it’s successful it sells – I have to make it succeed. But I have had to constantly battle inner doubt.  Don’t we all? In truth no… but for me it has been a huge mountain to climb and stay atop. My dad always slagged me off for being a sloppy painter (that’s where the doubt came in) … so there I was in Designers Guild mode, smashing up the surface, crackling it till it hung off, then nibbled at the peels until the floor was strewn…

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