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July 21, 2013


1 it’s a rip-off price point

2 Design is great cut shit fabric selection

3 Designed for either a catwalk bulimic bimbo duh vampire or a nun


That’s why when you go into Next Gap Primark it’s full of you Italians buying FASHION!!!

F A S H I O N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monsoon, Debenhams wherever … all designing clothes for health well sexed unsinned normal dynamic women!!!!!

The Catholic church and patriarch favoured class system in Italy crucify women’s sexuality and sanctify patriarch bullshit –  it’s crazy to see this great country Italia stuck in the vice-like grip of old priests and old politicians (ah he had affairs but he is weak… he is a man… men get tempted by these women – common response to Bunga Bunga lifestylers).

It’s hell to see talented Italian women fucked off in the workplace like second rate citizens.

Talented overseas women are virtually abused in the streets/strada.

Our good friend Anna who was born in Moldovia had bottles of urine thrown at her from parked lorry cabs, as she cycled to her cleaning job early in the mornings in N Italy – some Italian lorry drivers obviously assumed she was a prostitute because she wasn’t an Italiana… how shocking and yet how common is that??

Whenever a society is dominated by rich old men you have serious problems hence the recent N. African revolutions.

Getting back to fashion – Cool jeans £5  Cool Tees £3  Hats £3 Jackets £20


Summer 2013


Oxford Street – masses of choice – UK masses of equality.

Sorry but it has to be said.








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