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November 30, 2012

Chatting with the man in 1990 – the maker of great marks.

Nick Garrett ART

… there is nothing quite like a new sable sliding across the canvas…

Euan Uglow, artist

Euan Uglow – Georgia

On Site today – January 2011

Today I came in from the blustery weather having written a beautiful line of Helvetica Light Condensed and chatted to a chap fitting the hand rails to an access ramp … it was 11am in With Jam and Bread, Lee, London.

‘My brother was a signwriter y’know…’

He mentioned how he now works in vinyl and hates the work.

‘It’s soulless… The brush is such a beautiful thing…’ I replied.  ”My friend John Pope is lost in vinyl now… I try to get him to paint but he’s just lost interest in it… it’s so sad”

‘That’s exactly what he says: soulless… I bought him his first set of brushes… Swans … Goose… ‘ He continued musing a while.

‘Ah quills… they’re the…

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