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Making Marks

November 29, 2012

Nick Garrett ART

2010-11-21 16:21:40

Art: natural markings

Art is one of our founding urges… children start making marks, exploring and crafting as soon as they learn eye to hand coordination.

They learn experientially, kinetically and with the whole sensory mind, body, emotion and spirit.

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This is interesting because as children we have auric visibility.  We literally see the glow of life and crucially love.  Can you remember the first childhood glow of summer and the taste of chocolate?

They see and experience life in pure colour.

Find me a child’s painting that is dominated by greys and blacks and you will find tragedy there.


The potentially symbolic language of markmaking has ensured our children’s survival, learning in general and our unique paths of diversified human evolution.

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Above: Australian Aboriginal art and makers

Our ancestry includes the gift of painting.  It gives voice and identity: modes and catharsis –…

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