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A Conversation about popular colours and pro design

November 10, 2012

Pro design – Client centred

Nick Garrett Traditional Signwriting & Glass Gilding

    • About popular colours and pro design

    • Mentoring a painted accessories producer about the importance of delivering client centred design/products.
      Blue Strokes - Pennellate di Blu
    • Today’s chat
    • Nick Garrett

      Background colours for Painted Accessories

      Hi… just some feedback regarding painted decorative product.. when I was working in similar product manufacture we would set out the exhibition with really ultra bright coloured items that caught the eye and attracted the customer… but then the buyers would actually buy the white pieces: whites creams ivory and pale greys… the buying trend stayed the same for 15 years. The most saleable colour was antique white/cream. Much to our creative disappointment! N

      Attraction colours are Yellows, Turquoise, Red
      Selling colours: Soft antique whites

    • I know Nick, I love dark background but I find it difficult to put these items in a modern house. I can’t decide if I want to paint what I like or if I shall…

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