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August 26, 2012

Discover Food Tours in Parma 2018

For Special Guided Italian Food Tours of Parma

– Your 3 Kings Parma Food tour Profile 

The 3 Kings food tour is exclusive to FWT and one of the most fascinating food tours in Parma. If you are an Eataly or Slow Food fan and want to do a super tour then browse here for a great trip in Italy.

SUMMARY The 3 Kings day tour includes:

1. Parmigiano Reggiano – visit a small family producer with full tastings

Coffee break – always a nice option

2. Parma ham – one of Parma’s leading Prosciutto makers – scenic drive

LUNCH In The Castle battlement restaurant:

Gourmet lunches – fresh Parma produce and fine local wines

Castle photo call – scenic vistas

3. Organic Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale – dropping in on a regal estate and truly artisan organic maker

Vineyard stroll… prizes, surprises!



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