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TESTIMONIALS – Traditional London sign writer Nick Garrett

March 23, 2012

tattoo parlour flter COLOUR

So you Love real signwriting right?

“Nick is a superb illustrator and graphic signwriter. Professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

He took our brief, developed it and then executed it beautifully. You can see his work of art at our new POD on Queen Victoria St.”

Alex Maynard, Marketing Director at POD FOOD. 

” I love the design,  black outline with gold leaf filling. It is perfect for my shop. The work finish is great! Thank you!  “

I love your work. I wish I can use more words to describe it. I forgot the style of letter you chose for me. I would love if you can put it on my terminal. THANK YOU!  

Wei You – Owner Lavender Home Notting Hill, London

Amazing! Thank you for everything, you have set us off in the right direction,  your passion and dedication has given it that extra something which will stand the test of time. Thank you.

 Winnie Gasa, ‘Rest @ T-Rooms’, Bermondsey Central Hall



I worked with us for many years, about ten years ago; working closely with Tricia Guild and myself in producing specially painted antique furniture. Nick was provided with specific fabric swatches and left to his own devices in producing pieces which worked perfectly to the colour briefs. His ability to produce work that was in perfect compatibility to our textile colours and the ‘look’ of the collection was inspiring and sold very well.

I therefore had great creative input into the look of the furniture at the time of our London Store and very much involved in the creative process. 

Mark Homewood, Director of Creative Development, Designers Guild UK

We’ve seen a big creative change under-way in London recently. Thanks to clients like you, the capital is experiencing a revival of hand made products and design. It’s exciting times for us and much welcomed since the mid 80s rush to vinyl.

A revival that is enough for all of us city sign painters and inspiring the art and design world alike.


Signwriting is unusual because it offers great quality and value together.

I give my growing customer base fast service, attention to detail, focussed options and a service distinction to match expectations.

We have lots of new finishes, colour scheming, vintage ideas and unique modern designs, on time and budget.  From classical Roman lettering to truly new and unique Urban logo concepts, a great sign from my hands will richly reward your investment.

London shop signs

The NGS difference

I don’t use fonts straight out of the PC either, I redraw and space every letter so they become absolutely customised to your brand ID and talk your talk in the most distinctive way.  

In lettering the tiniest details count between success and failure – our signs are therefore all very specially crafted and bespoke… it gives you the beauty edge.

Providing all types of hand written, gilded and painted lettering to London’s shop fronts, retail windows, doors, panels and walls – in fact you name it and as they say: no job is ever too small.

If you are a quirky start up or massive brand, no worries contact us – our most popular work includes original retail displays, hospitality, bars, restaurants, hotels, galleries, homes, objects and offices.

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Nick Garrett Traditional Signwriting & Glass Gilding

London sign writer Nick Garrett



“Nick’s work is simply stunning. He was able to take our brief and bring it to life with his creativity and expertise.

He knew exactly what we wanted to achieve. The result – a distressed and beautiful piece of handcrafted art/signage on the column and bulkhead at our new Knightsbridge Store. His ability to layer paint to give an aged look was simply superb along with his hand drawn typography and flourishes. Nick is a great guy to work with and I look forward to working with him again in the future.” 

Service Category: signwriting
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Barry Wylie, Graphic Designer Ted Baker, London


“Nick is a superb illustrator and graphic signwriter. Professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with.

He took our brief, developed it and then executed it beautifully. You can see…

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