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1930’s Graffiti – USA

March 13, 2012

Nut Box Signs Brand & Design - Retail and Corporate

1930’s Graffiti

 We Are Here But Where Are You- San Francisco 1938 

Soldier Passing Lady Graffito- San Francisco- 1938

Man Walking Passed Lady and Clown Graffiti- San Francisco- 1938

Apology- San Francisco- 1938

Female Figure Graffito- San Francisco- 1938

One Eyed Woman Graffito- San Francisco- 1938

Datebook- San Francisco- 1938

I am the Magic Hand- San Francisco- 1938 

Freaky Faces- San Francisco- 1938

Lost What- San Francisco- 1938

Baron Von Hoffman For President- San Francisco- 1938

Waterfront Graffiti- San Francisco- 1938

Street Boys With Graffiti- San Francisco- 1938

The Artist Lives Dangerously- San Francisco- 1938

The Ruthless Decade: John Gutmann’s Photograph of the Thirties

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