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April 27, 2012
London Signwriter -  Nick Garrett NGS
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Hi this blog is all about solutions in design, for design, via design… enjoy and leave a cool comment or two

Nick Garrett

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SIGNSMITH London’s Best lettersmiths Signwriting Workshop

April 10, 2014


kr sign 2


NEXT Workshop – SATURDAY April 12 2014


MAY  -  Workshop half day in the workshop half day on site LIVE

This course delivers real quality, building on the skills you have no matter your level.  You will be amazed at what you will achieve on this workshop.

Aiming to give you tried and trusted pro skills:  Design, Poster script, Block letters, Spacing, How to set up on site.


Class starts at 9.30 - 5.00pm

London Sign-smith start course

and a further look at Retro Pub Gilding

Start time 9.30am – 5pm.  Bring a friend for 20% discount :) on all courses

This course will run two themes:  Trade secrets and refining creative skills.

Gild Me


April 5, 2014


368 from Nick Garrett on Vimeo.

April 3, 2014

Originally posted on My Blog:


FREE  OF THE BOXUpmarket glass gilding NGS

Above – NGS designed the logo and gilded for McCafe advert – Below:  The ad goes viral!!MCCafe McCafe postersAB Logo 007 72

Here is a stack of top projects we completed since 2011 showing a wide range of design application across a few classic London settings. 

1622848_743024065710283_976675289_n1  Grid murals for Damien Hirst – 126 sqm mtr

2  Retro font re-drawBaldacci Redrawn artwork sample NGS copia4 Maresfield3  Above:  bleed edge calligraphy4  Below:  Ted Baker banner design for Brompton Rd interior theme.The Old PO lay for TOP Godalming and below the finished piece.Old post office retro sign NGS& NGS  5Camden Market 2 lay6

BOLD concept 002 72

7  Label packaging for London spirit co.Biba House done

8  Design of front door name tag Notting Hill

C H Peppiatt Hand Painted Shop Sign P 17 Retro Tweak

9  Brand design for London estate agents Peppiatt

Parma Ham postcard  image

FWT FreeApp10  Web banners and ads


11  Signage in Angel and graphics branding


12  Above:  Tee Design for Foxy Broadway

13  Work Club – we designed 2 great walls for Andy Sandoz and crew  14

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April 3, 2014



Originally posted on My Blog:

Senza titolo-5 copia


All Mighty

… you are in the XXL page

These images show our latest n greatest big signage splash in Lots Road Chelsea and around town London – dodging rain and sunder! 



1510670_771796909499665_417130460_nShops 2

Lots roadLots road signage

Lots RdRE large format signage

533 Kings Roaddeco artskr sign 2maggierabot skyRabot finishedthe black horse

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Work in progress – Portrait of ‘Emily’

April 1, 2014


Portrait Painterman Nick Garrett

Originally posted on Fine Art Portrait Painter Nicholas John Garrett:

Over the course of 2 days - Work in progress ‘Emily’ Emily 5 Emily 4 Emily 3 Emily - Nick Garrett Emily

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Could the Tropical Fruit Soursop Be a Solution to Cancer?

March 24, 2014

Originally posted on Soursop UK contacts and information home deliveries:

Could the Tropical Fruit Soursop Be a Solution to Cancer?

August 1, 2013 | Filed under: Health,Health Food,News | Posted by: True Activist

800px-Annona_muricata_1_(1)By: Elizabeth Renter,
Natural Society.

As man struggles in labs to create something that may successfully treat cancer without killing patients, effective and healthful treatments wait in nature to be discovered. But while Big Pharma scientists toil and have nothing to show for it but drugs that are as harmful as they are helpful, some researchers are looking for those natural solutions that could hold the key to something as deadly as cancer. Enter the exotic tropical fruit: soursop.

A truly tropical fruit, soursop (also known as graviola, guanabana, and guyabano) is a large and unassuming healer. Research over the past few decades have indicated it has amazing anti-cancer properties. Yet many people have yet to hear about the health benefits of guyabano.

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Design Seminars that help build successful artists

March 24, 2014


2014 design talks and seminars NGS

Originally posted on Nick Garrett Traditional Signwriter & Glass Gilder:

A hugely important and fun part of what I do is inspiring creative change.

Taking skill sets to others is an integral part of being a craftsperson in any context, setting or age.  By not passing on the wisdom the craft withers and dies.

Today we have thousands of young thriving CP’s out there wanting to find the nugget and create success.

It can be done in a mechanical way – below are a few 1 hour seminars I am delivering in 2014.

Three pillars of great design – This talk sets out the main areas of delivery that optimize and feed one another in the correct sequence.

The Curve  -  just how importance has the loss of the analogue skillsets been on our industry?  What is established by curve based artwork practice?  How does this skill affect the whole.

The Design Spore –  Growing as a design pro…

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